LiteSpeed Cache

In this modern age, everyone wants to go faster. Websites are no different. This blog post will talk about LiteSpeed Cache, a plugin that speeds up WordPress websites

What is LiteSpeed Cache

” As we mentioned, LSCache is a server-side page cache. This essentially means we are storing static snapshots of the pages on your WordPress site. We can do this because the dynamically-generated pages are effectively the same each time they are built. Why generate the same page multiple times, when you can do it once and save the results at the server level? Rather than making your visitors wait for WordPress and PHP to assemble the pages for each request, we can serve them the snapshots much faster. “

LiteSpeed own words

To put it simply, LiteSpeed Cache caches your website on a server level and improves your website page load speeds immensely.

Why LiteSpeed Cache is better than other Caching plugins

You may have heard of other Caching plugins, such as WP Rocket, W3 Total Cache, but in ideal conditions, LiteSpeed Cache is faster than all of them.

You can read ( WordPress QnA organization ) response here when people asked to compare LiteSpeed Cache and other caching plugins.

Their official answer is that LiteSpeed Cache is the best, provided it is configured properly, and that the server you are hosting your site on uses LiteSpeed Web Server

Therefore, if your host has LiteSpeed Web Server, it is definitely recommended to use LiteSpeed Cache over other Caching plugins, as it is the fastest.

At HostKoala, each website is hosted on a LiteSpeed Web Server that has already been configured to optimal settings for end users.

How much faster does my site load with LiteSpeed Cache

The results vary among websites/servers. But lets take a look at this blog itself.

A respectable 1.1 seconds load time was found on HostKoala blog.

I went on to install LiteSpeed on my WordPress plugins page via Plugins -> Add New -> Install Now -> Activate

I did not make any tweaks or changes to LiteSpeed Cache settings. Below is the result of the latest speed test

Comparison with other Caching Solutions

Graph showing LiteSpeed Cache vs WP Super Cache vs W3 Total Cache vs WP Rocket


LiteSpeed Cache will speed up your WordPress site, when your server is using LiteSpeed Web Server. It is the fastest solution compared to other popular caching plugins such as W3 Total Cache, WP Rocket, WP Super Cache.

You can ask your web host if this is a feature they have, and if they don’t, you can either use an alternative caching solution like WP Rocket, W3 Total Cache.

At HostKoala all accounts are hosted on LiteSpeed Web Servers, and clients just need to install -> activate LiteSpeed Cache plugin to cut down their page load times by almost 50 % !

Thank you for reading this blog post.