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How to add domains

Before we begin, you need to log into your cPanel account ( Guide HERE ). Then proceed with the steps below

Step 1 : Find "Addon Domains" App in cPanel

You can find it by typing Addon Domains in the cPanel search bar, below is an image of the cPanel search bar, and the Addon Domains

cpanel search


Click on Addon Domains

Step 2 : Addon Domain Settings

There are many settings to choose. These are the recommended settings

New Domain Name Type your new domain name. Eg.

Subdomain cPanel will automatically generate this for you, leave it as what cPanel generates

Document Root Please ensure it is different from public_html, and if cPanel asks if you want to share the same document root as your mail domain, untick it.

Create an FTP account associated with this Addon Domain If you wish to create an FTP account that can only access this domain, please tick it, otherwise leave it unticked

Click Add Domain at the end of the page. Below is an example of creating a new domain called

wordpress done

Step 4 : You are done !

Following the first three steps, you will be greeted with this congratulations page

wordpress done

You can now upload files via File Manager, or Install Wordpress

PLEASE NOTE: You will need to change your nameservers at your domain registar so your domain is able to connect to our servers ! How to change your nameservers ( Link )

This article was last updated on 29th February 2020

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