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Logging into Direct Admin

Logging in Direct Admin

There are 2 methods to do this.

Method 1 : Via Dashboard

  1. Login at HostKoala Client Portal
  2. Look for the Services Tab, and click on the service you want to log into.
  3. This will create a dropdown tab, in which a Log In button will appear on the right. Click Log In
  4. This will open up a large login splash page. Enter your login details, as shown above, and click Sign in to Account.

ATTENTION : Make sure after you copy and paste your username and password, there is no extra space before/after the username/password

Click on the eye icon to reveal the password. If there is an extra space after the password, delete it.

Click Sign in to account once you are done


Method 2 : Via Email

After signing up, and roughly 5 minutes, you will receive an email, titled " New Hosting Account Information " from sales[at]

In that email, there will be the relevant information needed to log into your hosting account.

Open the Secure Control Panel link, and enter your Username/Password

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