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Installing SSL


Almost every site on the internet, has that little green lock on the top left of the web browser. Your domain needs her own too ! These green locks are made by SSL Certificates, and here at HostKoala, we provide them FREE

Follow these steps to install SSL on your domain(s)

STEP 1 - Log into DirectAdmin ( Guide here )

STEP 2 - Choose the domain you wish to install at the top right the DirectAdmin page.

STEP 3 - Select SSL Certificates under Account Management in your control panel


STEP 4 - Select " Free & Automatic Certificate from Let's Encrypt "

STEP 5 - Select which subdomains and main domain you want to install, by ticking the checkbox. Make sure you tick FORCE SSL with https redirect and click save. Then click the Green Save button at the botton right of page

After a few seconds, you will get a message

Click on it, then click on Messages

And you will get this message showing that it was installed properly !

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