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Increase upload_max_filesize for Wordpress

Before we begin, you need to log into your cPanel account ( Guide HERE ). Then proceed with the steps below

Step 1 : Find "Select PHP Version" App in cPanel

You can find it by typing "select" in the cPanel search bar, below is an image of the cPanel search bar, and the Select PHP Version

cpanel search


Click on Select PHP Version

Step 2 : Change PHP Version

If you see that the current PHP Version shows " Native ", we need to switch it to a non native PHP Version. If it is already on a non native version. You can skip to Step 

Click on the drop down arrow beside the PHP Version like shown below

wordpress done

Select a PHP Version you desire. If you are not so sure, just pick PHP Version 7.2

wordpress done

And then click set as current

wordpress done

If everything is succesful, you will see that the current PHP Version no longer shows native, but shows the PHP Version you chose ( In this scenario, PHP Version 7.2 )

wordpress done


Step 4 : Switch to PHP Options

Now, on the right, click Switch to PHP Options

wordpress done

Step 5 : Change the upload_max_filesize

Click on the dropdown button beside the upload_max_filesize number

wordpress done

In this scenario, we will be picking 64 MB ( You can choose any other size you wish )

wordpress done

After clicking on the file size you want, the upload_max_filesize will be updated like below :

wordpress done

You will now be able to upload files via Wordpress or other PHP Applications up to the max filesize that you have selected


This article was last updated on 29th February 2020

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