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Adding a new domain

Before we begin, you need to log into your Direct Admin account ( Guide HERE ). Then proceed with the steps below

Step 1 : Find "Domain Management" App in Direct Admin

You can find it by typing "domain" in the DirectAdmin search bar, below is an image of the DirectAdmin search bar. The second image shows us typing "domain" in the search bar, and clicking on " Domain Management "

cpanel search


Click on Domain Management

Step 2 : Click on Add New

Click on the Add New button located on the top right of the Domain Management Page

cpanel search


Step 3 : New Domain Settings

There are many settings to choose. These are the recommended settings

Domain Type your new domain name. Eg.

Bandwidth You can limit how much bandwidth this domain can use. If in doubt, tick the " Same as Main Account option "

Disk Usage You can limit how much disk usage this domain can use. If in doubt, tick the " Same as Main Account option "

Secure SSL/CGI Acces/PHP Access Tick to allow SSLs/CGI/PHP to be installed on the domain. If in doubt, just tick SSL and PHP Access

Click on Create and you will get a success message to show that you have added the new domain

wordpress done


You can now upload files via File Manager, or Install Wordpress

PLEASE NOTE: You will need to change your nameservers at your domain registar so your domain is able to connect to our servers ! How to change your nameservers ( Link )

This article was last updated on 19th March 2020

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