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Setting up G Suite / Zoho Mail / Custom mail server with cPanel

STEP 1 : Login to cPanel ( Guide here )

STEP 2 : Navigate to Domains -> Zone Editor

STEP 3 : Click on + MX RECORD beside the domain you want to setup

STEP 4 : Set the priority and destination based on the Mail server you wish to use like shown below ( Examples are GSUITE and ZOHOMAIL )

STEP 5 : Click on Add MX Record after filling up the priority and destination values

Repeat steps 3-5 until all the MX Records are added.

STEP 6 : Delete previously configured MX record entries. (optional, if you've previously configured other MX records for the domain).

First navigate to Domains -> Zone Editor

Click on Manage beside the domain

Filter by MX Record

Delete any entry that is not related to GSUITE/Zohomail/custom mail server like below

After clicking delete, confirm the deletion like below

Please delete all the MX records unrelated to gsuite/zohomail/custom mail server

Please wait for 1-24 hours for the MX records to propogate and you can start using your GSUITE/ZOHOMAIL/Custom mail server



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