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Sending Mail via Wordpress ( WP SMTP Mail Plugin )

In order to send mail safely via Wordpress, we are going to use the SMTP Protocol. To achieve this, we are going to use a plugin called WP Mail SMTP

Please follow the steps below on how to install and enable it

STEP 1 : Login to your Wordpress admin account ( Usually )

STEP 2 : Navigate to Plugins -> Add New. Click on Add New

STEP 3 : Search for WP Mail SMTP using the search bar, and install it by clicking the Install Now button

STEP 4 : Activate the plugin by clicking Activate

STEP 5 : On the left sidebar, Navigate to WP Mail SMTP -> Settings. Click on Settings

STEP 6 : Fill up the settings appropriately. Below is an example ( We chose [email protected], you can replace with your own [email protected] )

Under the Mailer section, select Other SMTP

It will produce more forms to fill up, like below.

Under SMTP Host, use ( Substitute to your domain )

Under Encryption and Port, use the following combinations : SSL & Port 465 OR TLS & Port 587

Leave AutoTLS and Authentication ON

For SMTP Username/Password, you can use your cPanel/DirectAdmin Username/Password OR an Email account username/password.

Click Save settings after you are done

STEP 8 : It's time to test if it works. Go to Email Test under WP Mail SMTP Settings

STEP 9 : You can choose which email to send. You can send it in HTML format

Click Send Email

If everything went well, you will be greeted with a success prompt like below

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