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SSL Ultimate Guide ( For Atlanta/Netherlands Server )

Please note
This guide is for hosting accounts on our Atlanta/Netherlands Server.
If you are using hosting accounts on the UK / Las Vegas / OffShore( Luxembourg) / Singapore( Asia ), please follow this guide

This is guide will help you secure your website, and make everyone who visits your website see a green secured bar.
Our hosting automatically provisions SSL certificates every 12 hours for every domain.

Minimum requirements for this to work
1. You have changed your domain nameservers to our website nameservers. Guide can be found here


  1. First you need to login into your web hosting account with us. You can do this via the email we sent you, or via our client panel

A) Via Email _
You would have gotten an email from us, like shown below, with the title " New Hosting Account Information - HostKoala ". Please check your spam mail too.

Opening it will show key information.

The secure control panel link, is the link where you can login into your web hosting account with us with the relevant Login and Password for your account. Use that link, and the login & password to login into your control panel
B) Via client panel

Login into our client area at here
Once logged in, go to your dashboard, and there is a tab showing "services" like below

Click on the service where the red arrow points ( if you have multiple plans, click on the plan you wish to log into ).
After clicking, you will see a dropdown menu, where there is a login button like shown below

Click login and you will be logged into your web hosting control panel.

  1. Now you are in your control panel, like shown below.

    In the searchbar, type " SSL "
    This will show up SSL/TLS Status like shown below

    Click the SSL/TLS status button.

  2. Now you will see a page showing the SSL status of your domains.
    If you see a red lock and a statement saying " No SSL certificate found " do not worry, just click Run Auto SSL

    If you see a green lock like below, it means SSL has already been auto provisioned to your server.

  3. You may need to wait up to 12 hours for the SSL to be installed, so in the meantime, just wait and relax, once you see the green lock, it means SSL has been installed ! YAY !

But wait, some clients are still getting "unsecured" when they access your domain ?

This is because, when normal people type, it loads ( which is not secured ).
However, if people type, it will load the secured site like below

The reason is because as of 2018, not every website has SSL certificates, and many normal people do not know about it/care about it.

So, you most probably want users who type , to automatically go to .
To do this, you need to create/edit a .htaccess file, which redirects all traffic from your domain to your https website.

Follow these steps :smile:
1. Login into your control panel, and click on File Manager

  1. Click on "public_html" folder

  2. Now by default, .htaccess files are hidden from file manager, to view them, you need to change some settings in File Manager. On the top right, click the settings button

    Then click the tick on the "view hidden files" and click save.

  3. Now you can see if there is a .htaccess file in your public_html directory. If it does exist, you can skip step 4 and jump to step 5. If it does not, follow these instructions.
    Click on "Add File" like below

    Then create a .htaccess file like below, and click create file

  4. Now in your file manager, you can see a .htaccess file. Right click it, and click edit, like shown below

  5. Click on edit, and add the following lines in the file :smile:

    RewriteEngine On
    RewriteCond %{HTTPS} !=on
    RewriteRule ^/?(.*) https://%{SERVER_NAME}/$1 [R,L]

Click on "save changes"

Now, all traffic to your site will be redirected to a secure site !
Try typing in your browser, and it will automatically load !

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