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cPanel Starter Guide

Hello fellow webmaster, here are some key tutorials on how use your web hosting ! We recommend that you read these articles in order. If you wish to migrate your website from an old host, please follow this guide

Starting Up Guide :

  1. Changing nameservers  & List of Nameservers
  2. Logging in cPanel
  3. Installing SSL for Atlanta & Netherlands Server & Installing SSL for Other Servers
  4. Force SSL on visitors

Now, that you have succesfully connected your domain to our server, and installed SSL onto your server, it's time to start adding content to your website !

Adding Content Guide ( You can use any one method )

  1. Installing Wordpress
  2. Adding a new domain
  3. Increase upload_max_filesize for Wordpress
  4. Uploading your website in cPanel

Emails Guide :

  1. Creating Email Address in cPanel
  2. Create an Email Fowarder in cPanel
  3. Create / Edit / Delete an Email Autoresponder in cPanel
  4. Setting up G Suite / Zoho Mail / Custom mail server with cPanel
  5. Creating/Editing a custom DKIM / SPF Record in cPanel

Wordpress Guide :

  1. Sending Mail via Wordpress ( WP SMTP Mail Plugin )

Advanced Guide :

  1. Creating/Editing a custom TXT Record in cPanel
  2. Setting up different PHP Versions in different folders / domains / subdomains
  3. Changing PHP Version / Modules of my cPanel Account
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