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Read this first ( How to login etc )

This is a tutorial on how to install Wordpress on your website.

First and foremost, in order to view your Wordpress website on your domain, you will require to change your nameservers at your domain registar to our nameservers. The guide to do so, can be found here

  1. First you need to login into your web hosting account with us. You can do this via the email we sent you, or via our client panel

A) Via Email 
You would have gotten an email from us, like shown below, with the title " New Hosting Account Information - HostKoala ". Please check your spam mail too.

Opening it will show key information.

The secure control panel link, is the link where you can login into your web hosting account with us with the relevant Login and Password for your account. Use that link, and the login & password to login into your control panel

B) Via client panel
Login into our client area at here
Once logged in, go to your dashboard, and there is a tab showing "services" like below

Click on the service where the red arrow points ( if you have multiple plans, click on the plan you wish to log into ).
After clicking, you will see a dropdown menu, where there is a login button like shown below

Click login and you will be logged into your web hosting control panel.

  1. Now you are in your control panel, like shown below.

    We are going to use an App called Softaculous, to install Wordpress. 
    Notice the red arrow is pointing at the search bar, which helps you search for what you need quickly in the control panel.
    Enter Softa in the search bar, and click on the Softaculous app which will load shortly after you type Softa, like shown below

  2. Now you will be in the Softaculous app. Click on "Wordpress" or "Blogs" on the left sidebar, to reveal a dropdown menu that shows "Wordpress"

  3. Clicking on Wordpress will bring you to an install page. Click on the install button

  4. Enter the information you require for your Wordpress site.
    Protocol : Choose https:// if you wish to use SSL . If you do not have SSL Installed yet, read this guide
    Even if you do not have SSL yet, you can select the https:// protocol.
    Domain : Install it in the domain you desire
    Directory : Leave it blank if you want your Wordpress to show on , by default, it has the value of "wp", which means your Wordpress is on , so make sure you remove it.

    Site Name : The heading of your Wordpress site. You can change it later.
    Site Description : Your site description. You can change it later
    Admin username/password/email : Your admin login credentials, and the email will be important so you can reset the password if you ever lost it.

    Advanced settings : For most people, you can leave this as the default values.
    Select theme : Choose your theme. You can change it later.
    Click Install, wait for the installation to complete.
    They will tell you the installation is successful, with a administrative link for you ( ), which you can login to have full control of your Wordpress site !


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